Sendivogius Wand, Black

Epic Armoury

$ 27.00 

Type: Wand

Tags: Cosplay, Epic Armoury, Hybrid, Wand,

Epic armory's Sendivogius LARP Wand is the best tool for the alchemical wizard watching for a stylized conduit. A stylized, antiqued gold bird can take off in flight on the handle of this wand. It features a core of varnished wood with a grip sleeve of polyurethane foam. The holder cover is removable, so it is comfortable to change out handles from different Epic Armoury wood-core wands. Take Sendivogius Wand to a LARP event.

Key Features

Wooden shaft with Polyurethane handle provides a firm grip
Removable core from Polyurethane offers a high degree of customizability
Detailed and hand painted grip and varnished wood


Weight: 37 grams
Length: 34 cm
Grip Length: 13 cm
Blade Length:16 cm