Assasin LARP LARP sword - Special Edition

Epic Armoury - DC

$ 76.00 

Type: Sword

Tags: EA Discontinued, Epic Armoury, Sword - Medium,

This fantasy latex assassin sword is a weapon that every Larp thief should have. Its blade has a jagged edge to help inflict an exaggerated amount of damage to its foe. This is a short sword, it can easily be concealed beneath any cape or cloak and let’s just face it everything about this weapon just screams death. 85cm

Key Features:
  • A great affordable price
  • High safety, approved by the top organizations
  • Strong latex coating
  • Round Flexible fiberglass core
  • Strong Kevlar core tip protection
  • Made from durable closed celled foam that does not shred
  • Use our Maintenance Silicone to ensure long life a durability

  • Measurements:
  • Overall Length: 36.25 Inches
  • Blade Length: 24.5 Inches
  • Handle Length: 8.25 Inches

  • This measurement will vary as they are hand made items.