Trollball Slayer LARP sword - 42 In

Epic Armoury

$ 84.00 

Type: Sword

Tags: Discontinued, Epic Armoury, Latex, Sword, Sword - Long,

Care for a friendly game of trollball? What? You don't know what trollball is? Well, it is time you learned. The first you'll need is a good sword to use...and none will be better for the game than this aptly named Trollball Slayer LARP Sword! As for the game itself, all you need to know is that if the other team doesn't have any players, they lose, so cut loose and let them have it! This impressive sword is designed to be a bit blade-heavy, featuring slightly longer blade with a distinctive curve and a swell near the tip that lends speed and force to every swing. In spite of its design, though, the sword is perfectly safe for use, thanks to it having been crafted from fine, ultra-touch foam that doesn't tear or shred. It is also sealed in a coating of latex and painted to give it a realistic look. Adding to its design is a hand-guard about the hilt, which features a shield emblem on its front. The final touch in this weapon comes in the form of a fiberglass core and a Kevlar cap, which ensure that this weapon bends without breaking on almost all forceful impacts.

The weapon has a distinctive and unique look, including a faded gold-toned grip wrapped with suede. The hilt wrapping can be either black or brown. We will send what is available, unless otherwise specified. If you want to know what is available, please contact us before ordering.

The Trollball Slayer LARP Sword - 42 In has an overall length of approximately 42 inches. Please be aware that this measurement can vary slightly from sword to sword due its method of manufacture.

Latex weapons do need to be maintained to a certain degree. We offer a Maintenance Silicone (MCI-2000) that can be purchased separately in the LARP Accessories section. We recommend that you use this Silicone on a regular basis. It is an easy, spray on application, and it will keep the coating flexible, which will make the weapon last much longer. The maintenance silicone also protects the coating from drying out, and helps the weapon resist general wear and tear from normal use.

  • Overall Length: 42 inches
  • Blade Length: 35 inches