Dark Elven LARP Glaive

Epic Armoury

$ 158.00 

Type: Polearm

Tags: Epic Armoury, Latex, Polearm,

In battle, dark elves are no fools, choosing whichever weapon gives them the greatest chance of winning. And with a Dark Elven LARP Glaive in their hands, any warrior with the skill and cunning of a dark elf has more than a fair chance of winning...and the term 'fair' is used very lightly, indeed, because dark elves aren't in the habit of fighting fair. This polearm is as much a spear as it is a glaive, possessing a distinctive head that looks like it is made for both cutting and stabbing. The simple, dark haft provides an excellent grip, accommodating both wide and narrow holds, while the weapon's long blade will work wonders when turned upon your worst of foes. The leading edge of the blade features two crescent-shaped extensions, which enhance the look of the weapon, making it seem all the more lethal, while the spear-like point of the weapon is broad, effective, and double-edged, ensuring that you can swing it however you wish and still get results. It goes without saying that any dark elf would benefit from this weapon, although it goes well in the hands of any warrior who likes having range and power on their side. In spite of its look, this weapon is not nearly as dangerous as it looks, given that it is crafted from quality materials and made so that it can be used in almost any LARP battle. It is constructed from an extremely durable foam that does not shred, which has been sealed within a strong coating of latex. As safety is always a concern in LARP, this weapon also features a round, flexible fiberglass core that bends and flexes. The core also features a durable Kevlar cap for added protection, both against the core and for when the weapon is used to stab.

The weapon has a distinctive, almost bone-like finish to the blade, and its haft is dark, although the hue can vary slightly. We will send what is available unless you specify. If you would like to see what colors are available, please contact us before ordering.

The Dark Elven LARP Glaive has an overall length of approximately 75 inches. Please be aware that this measurement can vary slightly, as it is a hand-made item.

Latex weapons do need to be maintained to a certain degree. We offer a Maintenance Silicone (MCI-2000) that can be purchased separately in the LARP Accessories section. We recommend that you use this Silicone on a regular basis. It is an easy, spray on application, and it will keep the coating flexible, which will make the weapon last much longer. The maintenance silicone also protects the coating from drying out, and helps the weapon resist general wear and tear from normal use.

Key Features:
  • A Great Weapon for a Great Price
  • High Safety Rating, Approved by the Top Organizations
  • Features a Resilient Latex Coating
  • Round Fiberglass Core is Flexible and Strong
  • Core is Tipped with Durable Kevlar Protection
  • Made from Durable, Closed Celled Foam That Does Not Shred
  • Use of our Maintenance Silicone Ensures A Long Weapon Life and Durability

  • Measurements:
  • Overall Length: 75 inches

  • Measurements will vary slightly, as these are hand-made items.