Ironshod LARP Viking Shield

Epic Armoury

$ 93.00 

Type: Shield

Tags: Epic Armoury, Latex, Shield, Viking,

If you are looking for the middle ground between a buckler and a targe, then the Ironshod LARP Viking Shield could be the answer. This realistic weapon is ideal for those who want to free their fighting style on the battlefield. This shield is crafted from hard foam and then coated with latex to create a durable LARPing accessory. Featuring a wood grain finish and simulated iron casting this shield can only enhance the realistic nature of your costume. The central boss allows the wielder full range of motion, making this a versatile defensive tool. Simulated metal straps run from the boss to the trim on this weapon to enhance the medieval design. A series of rivets have been installed to accent look of this traditional shield. Do not pass up the stunning Ironshod LARP Viking Shield, which can easily bring your warrior character to life.

Key Features:
  • A Great weapon for a great price
  • High safety rating, approved by the top organizations
  • Strong latex coating
  • Round, flexible fiberglass core
  • Strong Kevlar core tip protection
  • Made from durable, closed cell foam that does not shed
  • Use our maintenance silicone to ensure long life and durability

  • Measurements:
  • Shield Height: 23.25 Inches
  • Shield Width: 22.75 Inches
  • Thickness: 1 Inch

  • Please be aware that this item is hand-made, so the measurements may vary slightly from what is shown above.