LARP Wrench No. 1 - Dark Moon Collection

Epic Armoury

$ 15.00 

Type: Dark Moon

Tags: Dark Moon, Epic Armoury, Latex, Throwing,

It is built from the robust and robust foam that doesn't destroy and is sealed with a durable coating of latex.LARP Wrench No. 1 is so authentic looking that, without touching it, it is challenging to tell that this is constructed of foam. It is ideal for futuristic LARPs and makes a fabulous character accessory or prop. It is also an excellent training weapon. Dark Moon gear is a perfect option for modern, futuristic, and post-apocalyptic LARP scenarios. The difference in defenses are common, and everything in this world will be employed to get the upper hand. Get your choice and battle to survive yet another night.

Key Features

A best quality latex-hybrid weapon for a low-cost price
Guard rating is high, accepted by the top organizations
Sculpted and hand-painted with incredible detail


Overall Length: 12.5 Inches
Head Width: 3 Inches