Green Feral Orc Mask

Epic Armoury

$ 82.00 

Type: Special Effects

Tags: Epic Armoury, Latex, Mask, Special Effect,

This mask is an ideal option for those who have gotten in touch with his inner beast. It has an orcs different features, such as a low, furrowed brow, serrated pointy ears and a rounded nose with nostrils drawn up in a sneer. The appearance of this mask is skull-like, with durable skin modeled with creases, deep-set eyes, and lined cheeks with dramatic cheekbones. Hand-painted scars and massive veins add detail to dark green skin, achieving an aggressive appearance while also keeping reality.

Key Features

Shows an Astonishing Level of Detail
Fitted Facial Features Move with You
Designed for Use in LARPing and Costuming
Makes It Simple to Transform Into a Raging Orc Warrior


Head Circumference Up to 59-61 CM
Alternatively, fits a head circumference of approx 23.2 to 24 Inches