Big Rotten Zombie Mask

Epic Armoury

$ 82.00 

Type: Special Effects

Tags: Epic Armoury, Latex, Mask, Special Effect, Zombie,

They say the bigger the better and this Big Rotten Zombie does not disappoint. After receiving a deadly shotgun blast to his face and buried by his hillbilly brother. This southern boy rose from the dead and then ate his family in their sleep. He now roams the swamps in search of his next victim moving slower than molasses in January.

Key Features:
  • Made from high quality latex
  • Features an amazing level of detail
  • Mask has fitted features, so it moves with you
  • Designed for use in LARPing and costuming
  • An easy way to transform yourself into a bloated zombie

  • Measurements:
  • Fits a head circumference up to 57-59 centimeters
  • Alternatively, fits a head circumference of about 22.2 to 23.2 inches