Halfling Ear Trophy Necklace

Epic Armoury

$ 8.00 

Type: Accessory

Tags: Accessory, Epic Armoury, Latex,

Nothing says head-hunter quite like having the ears of past hunts and worthy foes dangling around your neck. For every kill you make, you can celebrate it and show it off by hanging one of these startling Halfling Ear Trophy Necklaces around your neck! Crafted entirely from foam latex, this ear is soft to the touch. It could almost be mistaken for human, but the wider shape and squared edges mark this gruesome bit as a hobbit or halfling ear. The ear also features a gory red backing (for that realistic and fresh look) and an attached leather cord for easy carrying and wearing. And if hobbits are not your preferred foe, then have no fear, for this Halfling Ear Trophy Necklace is not the only ear trophy that we offer!

Key Features:
  • Crafted entirely in foam latex
  • Recreates the shape of a halfling's squared ear
  • Has a bloody red backing for a freshly taken appearance
  • Comes with a leather cord for easy wearing
  • A great character prop for bounty hunters and tribals
  • Perfect for horror LARPs and gritty dark battle settings