Dark Angel II


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Type: Sword

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Dark Angel II

The Judge of Sinners

The Divine Judge and his horsemen, after years of work punishing the wicked of the land, disappeared as fast as they came. The people of the land, living in fear of committing sins, started to live normally once more, under the influence of the horsemen's acts and teachings. However, it's hard for human beings to live without sin. Old habits die hard, and soon enough sin came back while fear left their heart.

That's when the sky became pitch-black. From it descended horsemen, not unlike those who judged mortals before. But these ones didn't come to strike fear to help mankind, they came to slaughter each and every sinner, and to bring the few good souls to Paradise. In front of them was the disappointed Divine Judge. At his belt was a new sword, made especially for this job. Judgement Day could start.


The Dark Angel II is a new version of our great bastard sword, with a new, longer and steel-coloured fantastic blade. Its new colours give this sword an great look, perfect for the battlefields, as well as an incredible realism. As always, the blade is safe for LARP battles, even against supernatural enemies!


This sword has an imposing allure, perfectly adapted to knights, noblemen and lords, from our realm or from far away. However, their evil counterparts will look forward to get their hands on it for its qualities : efficiency, power and sharp edge. This blade will make you a formidable foe, whether you wield it for good or for ill intents.