Erik Ii


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Type: Axes and hammers

Tags: Axes and Hammers, Calimacil, Non Latex, Viking,

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In the year 920 Erik Blood-Axe, son of King Harald of Norway established his reputation of war leader with an expedition into northern Russia. After his father's death he became King of Norway.

His short, two year reign was marked by the assassination of those of his brothers who might otherwise have challenged his sovereignty. Ancient texts describe Erik Blood-Axe as a fratris Interfector, or brother killer.

This bloody reference to his nickname undoubtedly reflects these fratricides. His youngest surviving brother returned from England in the year 934 to hunt down his older brother at the head of an army, thereby ending Erik, King of Norway's reign.


One of the first larp axes made by Calimacil, Erik, the Viking Axe, remains one of the best larp axe on the market. Made of Calimacil foam, this LARP axe is very durable and safe to use in a LARP.

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