Kain Ii


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Type: Sword

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Kain II

The Dragon Master Sword

The legend told of ancient times, where dragon riders roamed the skies. Maybe it happened a few millennia ago, but nowadays, nobody would dare to try and go near a dragon. A good meal, that's what any adventurer would become. Dragons are not tamed, they are terrible creatures ready to eat and burn down whole villages. No one will ever become their ally like they do in the stories.

That's what I also believed, until I found this singular sword under a waterfall. I had to tell the guards, give it to the lord. But when I got home, a great shadow passed over me... Ready to die, I put the sword in front of me, trying to look as big as possible. When the dragon landed in front of me, it didn't eat me whole, but instead showed me its long, serpent-like neck. I could've killed it right at that moment, but frozen in fear, I had another idea : I rode it... Which proves some legends have a part of truth!


Here is the second version of the two-handed sword Kain, which is fitted with the new long version of the Hobbit blade. The handle, guard and pommel are a mix of black, red and gold for a unique look. Moreover, the specifications of every Calimacil sword is present : safe blade for LARP and theatrical productions, heavy-duty workmanship and breathtaking realism!


Dragon-related characters will obviously be on the lookout for this sword : dragon tamers, specialized mercenaries and draconic creatures. However, any noblemen or pretender will like the prestigious design of this sword! Paladins and dark lords will both be able to use such a fine blade, for better or for worst.