Larp Rune Spear

Epic Armoury

$ 159.00 

Type: Polearm

Tags: Epic Armoury, Latex, Spear,

Epic Armoury’s Rune Spear is a 77 inch latex spear inspired by warlocks and clerics of the night. In the hands of the chaotic evil, this spear features a 18.5 cm long spearhead and 46 inch long staff. Hand painted and sculpted, the finished result is an intimidating fantasy weapon with an intricate double-edged spearhead. Sculpted runes along the spearhead and grommets around the crossguard and pommel gives this spear a particularly vicious character.

Made from durable closed cell foam around a fibreglass core and finished with a strong latex coating, you can feel confident that your Rune Spear LARP weapon will provide the safety and appeal you want when crafting your kit.


  • A form of the spear has been used for hunting for at least 400,000 years
  • Spears were the most common form of weaponry during the Stone Age, and remained popular until firearms were introduced


Durable foam
High safety
Strong coating
Round flexible glass fiber core
Closed-celled foam that does not shred


Overall Length: 77 Inches
Blade Length: 18.5 Inches