Lonnar'S Throwing Hammer


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Type: Throwing

Tags: Calimacil, Misc, Non Latex, Throwing,

Lonnar's Throwing Hammer

In the middle of the battle and in a dire position, Bertmund (illusionist soldier) and Arafinway (elven archer) are facing a certain death. The only thing left is Arafinway’s Lonnär hammer, which he holds tight, ready to fight until the end.

Suddenly, Bertmund has an brilliant idea.

"Arafinway, throw your hammer at the horde coming at us!", yelled the soldier trying to be heard through the furious clatter of steps coming towards the two lonely soldiers. "Trust me, throw your hammer as far as possible!"

Not getting the slightest glimpse of the strategy, the younger threw his hammer as far as he could while the illusionist chanted his spell. As his magic is only illusions, his plan is to terrify the enemy force and scare it to death.

During its flight, the heavy hammer shattered in a great cloud of smoke and sparks, Far too late, the horde saw a million smaller hammers flying towards them, hitting each one of them as strong as the original one. One by one they fell, clubbed to death by the strength of the hammer’s magic.

When the dust settled, the two guardians approached the carnage, speechless. Arafinway picked up his hammer, that was without a scratch!

"How is this possible", stammered the flabbergasted Elf.

They soon understood that, with the combined strength of their dragon eggs, the guardian’s hammer was powerful enough to create the illusion of thousands of smaller hammers, but also to really change them into these hammers, ready to use in future battles.


The Lonnär throwing hammer is a truly unique throwing weapon. Without a core and made of safe Calimacil foam, it can be thrown at your enemies without any danger. This hammer has the same color scheme of the full-size one: silver head and brown handle with a wooden finish. This gives an unrivaled realism to the weapon, that can be thrown years without breaking, thanks to the legendary Calimacil foam!