Noble Long LARP sword

Epic Armoury

$ 110.00 

Type: Sword

Tags: Epic Armoury, Hybrid, Latex, Sword, Sword - Long,

Our medium length hybrid Noble Sword was inspired from authentic rapiers from the renaissance period. Our signature polyurethane foam handle is extremely durable and helps protect the fingers during larp combat. Thanks to our new revolutionary latex dipping process your blade will last longer so you will enjoy hours of safe gameplay.

The sword is approximately 41.5 Inches in overall length. This measurement will vary as each LARP sword is a handmade item.


Key Features:

  • A great weapon for an affordable price
  • High safety rating, approved by the top organizations
  • Features a resilient latex coating
  • Round fiberglass core is flexible and strong
  • Made from durable closed celled foam that does not shred
  • Use our Maintenance Silicone to ensure long life and durability