Rogue Neck and Shoulder Armour

Epic Armoury

$ 3,220.00 

Type: Armor

Tags: Epic Armoury, Leather, Leather - Armor, Pauldron,

Life as a rogue can be difficult and dangerous. You fight for money, often against combat trained opponents, and you often need to retain your agility. Only protect your important parts with the Rogue Neck and Shoulder Armor! This impressive set of upper body armour consists of a brown leather chest piece riveted with black steel plates. Black steel spaulders connect to the chest piece via leather straps and protect your shoulders and neck, while black steel and brown leather arm pieces protect your upper arms. Strap on this set of roguish armour if you plan on going to a Ren Fair or cosplay event and stay safe! They look great with lightly or barely armoured costumes!

Key Features:

  • Features black steel armour with brown leather accents
  • Sturdy construction protects your body
  • Fastens securely with leather straps
  • Perfect for cosplay, Ren Fairs, and reenactments


  • Made from high quality leather


  • One size fits most