Runar Scabbard


$ 22.00 

Type: Accessory

Tags: Frog, Rawblade,

The Runar scabbard has a wide loop that accomodates belts up to 9cm wide. The sword holder portion is reinforced with rivets.

This product is made from the high quality leather provided by tanneries in the South of Spain, famous for their expertise in making leather for goods and saddles. With proper maintenance, this scabbard will last a very long time. Laser engraved with beautiful Viking designs, this scabbard joins the Rawblade Runar set of accessories, perfect for wide variety of characters. 


  • Material: genuine leather, brass rivets
  • This scabbard can be used with a belt up to 3.5 inches/9 cm wide.
  • Right and Left here refers to the dominant hand of the user. For instance, a right scabbard is meant to be carried on the left hip and have the weapon drawn with the right hand.

Made in Spain by Rawblade