Athena scabbard – Musketeer & Noble Dagger

Ateliers Nemesis

$ 101.89 

Type: Accessory

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Athena Scabbard - Assassin's Knife 


Description : 

This leather scabbard with velvet covering is a specially developed accessory for our Athena latex weapons. It is a narrow scabbard that holds the weapon firmly in place and provides minimal friction with the latex to protect against premature wear in LARP.  Made of dyed leather and decorated with laser engraving, it is also an elegant accessory for your LARP costumes. Ideal for any medieval warrior, soldier, knight or adventurer.


Designed for the Athena Musketeer & Noble Dagger 

Dimensions :

– Length: 11 in. 
– Width: 2 ½ in. 
– Width of belt loop: 4 in.
– Weight: 160 gr 


- Designed for the Athena Assassin's Knife 

- Ambidextrous

- Laser engraving

- Protective velvet inside

- Antique hardware

- 8-9 oz leather, 5-6 oz leather, 4-5 oz leather


Made for Ateliers Nemesis by Les Artisans d'Azure, in Quebec, Canada


The knife is sold separately

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