Wand Shoulder Holster

Epic Armoury

$ 54.99 

Type: Accessory

Tags: Accessory, Leather, Wand,


Even the mightiest of magicians need to protect their weapon of choice. Made from full grain leather this Epic Armoury Wand Sheath will keep your wand protected for any LARP occasion and will make a perfect addition to any witch or wizard's outfit. At 29 cm. it will fit Epic Armoury's own line of wands and most other, and can easily be customized whether you are a Viking Seeress or off to Wizard School. Features an adjustable belt loop to keep your wand on your hip and at the ready to cast spells and perform magic. Available in colours Brown and Black.


  • Magic wands were first mentioned in fiction by the ancient Greek writer Homer. In The Odyssey, Homer wrote that the enchantress Circe used her magic wand to turn Odysseus's men into pigs.

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