Warriors Leather Arm Bracers

Epic Armoury

$ 34.00 

Type: Leather

Tags: Armor - Leather, Bracer, Epic Armoury, Leather,

Never underestimate what a pair of good leather bracers can do you for. These Warriors Leather Arm Bracers are made from quality materials and offer not only a good touch of medieval style but also provide enhanced protection for any warrior to wear! The bracers are designed to lace up the sides to make them quite versatile in terms of sizing. They also feature a stylized edge that adds an enhanced look and style to their design as well. Worn for a LARPing event, these Warrior Leather Arm Bracers can offer an added level of defense that is sure to keep your sword and shield arms safe and secure in the fight, and out of battle, they also serve well in creating a solid medieval look that will impress all those who see it.

Key Features:
  • Crafted from soft chrome tanned leather
  • A versatile and effective overall design
  • Eyelets allow for an impressive level of adjustability
  • Provides a good medieval look to any outfit
  • Perfect for LARPing, theater productions, and more
  • A great all-around addition to any medieval look

  • Measurements (Bracer Laid Flat, Without Laces):
  • Medium: Wrist - 7 inches, Forearm - 9.5 inches, Length - 10 inches
  • Large: Wrist - 8 inches, Forearm - 10.5 inches, Length - 11 inches