Warriors Leather Arm Bracers

Epic Armoury

$ 34.00 

Type: Leather

Tags: Armor - Leather, Bracer, Epic Armoury, Leather,

It is crafted from high-quality ounce leather and offer not only a right touch of medieval style but also give enhanced protection for any warrior to wear. Also, they feature a stylized edge that adds an improved look and custom to their design too. These bracers give an added level of protection that is certain to maintain your weapon and shield arms secure in the fight, and out of battle, they also work well in building a substantial medieval appearance that will impress all those who view it.

Key Features

Features a pair of arm bracers
Fitted with cording and eyelets
Great for LARPing, theater productions, and more


Wrist - 6.7 Inches
Forearm - 7.87 Inches

Wrist - 7 Inches
Forearm - 9.5 Inches
Length - 10 Inches

Wrist - 8 Inches
Forearm - 10.5 Inches
Length - 11 Inches