Elven Leather Pouch

Epic Armoury

$ 33.00 

Type: Bag

Tags: Bag, Epic Armoury, Leather,

It is crafted from vegetable-tanned leather, and this bag features a belt loop and a flap opening with a corded closure. Arrow-like indentions finish the thick leather that forms the flap, belly, and bottom of the pouch. The sides of the bag are created from a soft leather, enabling more room for storage. Stitching reinforces the structure and ensures the belt hanger to the thick backplate. Just loop the cording around the horn to quickly store and cover items, for example, keys, mobile phones, and coins.

Key Features

Encouraged by high fantasy tales of elves
Decorated with stylized etching
Connected via a horn bar and cording


Length: 8 Inches
Width: 6 Inches
Pouch Top: 4.25 Inches
Pouch Interior Length: 6.75 Inches
Pouch Interior Width: 5 Inches
Pouch Interior Depth: 2 Inches