Leather Double Sword Hanger

Epic Armoury

$ 57.00 

Type: Leather

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This stunning brown real leather twin sword frog will most probably accommodate all Larp swords and can be worn on either hip. This double leather sword holder holds two of your preferred Larp swords in one single handy location and at the ready. The leather straps enable you to adjust your sword frog to the desired width to allow your weapons to easily slide within the sheath.


Epic Armory Leather product must be stored in a clean and dry environment to prevent mold or premature ageing on the leather. Before placing a wet item in storage please allow to dry in its original form usually in the sun for about 20 minutes. A wax or silicone spray may be applied periodically to ensure its durability (In some cases mink oil can be applied).

Color :


Small: 17cm (6.75 inches)
Large: 28cm (11 inches)

Maximum Sword width
Small: 6.35cm (2.5 inches)
Large: 6.35cm (2.5 inches)
Belt Loop: 4cm (1.5 inches) to 12.5cm (5 inches)

Epic Armory leather products are known by:
• Quality vegetable tanned leather
• Guaranteed
• Adjustable
• For right or left hands