Rogue Female Armor

Epic Armoury

$ 191.00 

Type: Armor

Tags: Armor, Armor - Leather, Epic Armoury,

Gender is no barrier for the warrior who wears this body armour. The Rogue Female Armor suits any lady, whether she is a defender of the right or a member of a bandit crew, offering protection for the upper torso. Made from full-grain leather and heavy canvas, the womens LARP armour fastens with straps and brass buckle fittings across the back, allowing an adjustable fit to suit a wide range of chest sizes comfortably. The leather armour wraps around the neck and covers the front of the chest, cutting off at the midriff. Choose the best look for your LARP role from black and brown or brown and beige color options. No matter which side you fight for, you will look amazing in this Rogue Female Armor!

Key Features:

  • Made from full-grain leather, heavy canvas, and brass buckle fittings
  • Leather is vegetable tanned
  • Armor designed to fit women comfortably
  • Perfect for LARPing as rogue and fantasy characters
  • Comes in Black and Brown or Brown and Beige


  • Medium/Large: Fits up to 42.5 Inch Chest