RFB Viking Leather Armour

Epic Armoury

$ 123.99 

Type: Armor

Tags: Armor, Armor - Leather, Epic Armoury, Leather, Ready For Battle, Viking,

RFB Viking Leather Armour


A Firm Accent to Costumes
Exceptional for protection in a LARP Event
Built-Up of various riveted leather squares
Perfect armor at a low, budget-friendly price


Chest/Waist: 35 to 36 Inches
Overall Length: 18 to 21 Inches

Chest/Waist: 40 to 42 Inches
Overall Length: 18 to 21 Inches

Chest/Waist: 42 to 46 Inches
Overall Length 20 to 22 Inches

Chest/Waist: 48 to 50 Inches
Overall Length: 22 to 24 Inches

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