Breastplate Dark Drake

Epic Armoury

$ 258.00 

Type: Armor

Tags: Armor, Armor - Metal, Chest, Epic Armoury, Platemail,

Epic Breastplate Dark Drake is the outcome of a long-time ongoing development. The legend dark metal appears to live after a series of surface treatments, giving the armor unique look, Guards the front of the torso, chest and abdomen. Molded to fit the body and add and add structural power.

Key Features

Made from 1mm/19 gauge mild solid steel
Rolling edges with no cutting edges
Hand made, warrior pieces for maximum permanence
Legendary Armor Dark rust-resistant coating
Can be worn with as well as without backplate


Shoulder length: 60 cm (M)
Straps: 105 cm (M)
Waist: 60 cm (M)
Arm: 25 cm (M)