Merc Breast Plate and Back Armor

Epic Armoury

$ 191.00 

Type: Armor

Tags: Armor, Armor - Metal, Chest, Cosplay, Epic Armoury, Platemail,

It is made from leather and steel defending the front and back of the wearer's body. The lower edge of the breastplate is slightly rounded, enabling it to fit around the crests of the hips and still cover the vulnerable pelvis. The steel plate is adjusted on a black leather suit, which straps to the back leather plate at the shoulders and the sides.

Key Features

Has a Shiny, Polished Steel Finish
Best Armour for Any Warrior or Soldier to Wear
Worn Using Included Straps and Buckles
Offered in black or brown leather
Includes Breastplate, Back Plate, Tassets, Pauldrons, Bracers, and Greaves


Breastplate and Backplate: Fits Between a 36-48 Inch Chest, 24 Inch Length
Bracers Wrist: 5.5 Inches, Forearm: 7.5 Inches, Overall Length: 9 Inches
Tassets Width: 8.5 Inches, Overall Length: 10 Inches
Greaves Ankle: 6.5 Inches, Calf: 8 Inches, Overall Length: 12 Inches