Mercenary Armor Complete Set

Epic Armoury

$ 408.99 

Type: Armor

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Mercenary Armor Complete Set


Designed from 18 Gauge Steel and 7/8 oz. Leather
Has a Sparkling, Bright Finish
High Armour for Any Warrior to Wear
Incorporates all the Armour Pieces Shown
Worn Employing Included Straps and Buckles
Covers Breastplate, Back Plate, Tassets, Pauldrons, Bracers, and Greaves

Armor Measurements

Breastplate and Back Plate Fits Between a 36-48 inch Chest, 24-inch Length
Tassets Width: 8.5 inches, Overall Length: 10 inches
Bracers Wrist: 5.5 inches, Forearm: 7.5 inches, Overall Length: 9 inches
Greaves Ankle: 6.5 inches, Calf: 8 inches, Overall Length: 12 inches
Pauldrons Width (Top): 9 inches, Width (Bottom): 7.5 inches, Overall Length: 13 inches