Viking Spangenhelm

Epic Armoury

$ 77.00 

Type: Armor

Tags: Armor, Armor - Metal, Epic Armoury, Helmet, Platemail, Viking,

The Vikings weren't always known for the flashiest or showiest of helmets, but they frequently wore some of the most effective for their period. This Viking Spangenhelm - Dark Metal Finish recreates one such helmet for the modern-day warrior to wear. And warriors can not only wear this for great historical style, but they can also depend on it to keep them safe and secure from harm, too! This helmet echoes the look of a traditional spangenhelm, featuring a rounded, conical top shape that is reinforced by metal strips (which, historically, kept the helm secured and in-place). The helm also features a nasal guard in the front, for added protection, as well as a short aventail attached to the back, to provide some mail protection to the neck. The helmet is crafted from quality steel, and it also features an incredible dark metal finish. This finish gives the helmet a sinister yet appealing gleam, while the finish also helps to protect the metal against scuffs, scratches, and rust. The interior of the helmet features a liner, both for comfort and for making small adjustments to size. It is a full-sized replica helmet that is fully wearable, and when worn, it stands up rather well to the rigors and impacts experienced during the course of LARP combat and light reenactment. It is available in two sizes, either medium or large. It is an impressive helm by any standard of the word, and best of all, this Viking Spangenhelm - Dark Metal Finish allows you to easily complete any Viking warrior costume of your choosing...while also adding in a bit of protection, should you decide to hit the LARP field in the near future.

  • Medium: Fits a 23 to 26 inch head circumference
  • Large: Fits a 24 to 28 inch head circumference