Knights Medieval Hood

Epic Armoury

$ 34.00 

Type: Clothing

Tags: Clothing, Epic Armoury, Hood,

This hood has a very authentic look to it, great for Medieval archers or knights. It can be worn by Men and Women. The hood has a full mantel that covers the shoulders. Made of soft wool and lined with cotton, this is a high quality hood and is very comfortable to wear. The hood comes in many different rich and vibrant colors and they all have large white stitching around the opening of the face and around the perimeter of the mantle, which adds a very nice touch. This hood is great for cold or windy weather as it is closed all the way up the neck.

Key Features:
  • A simple design, can go with many different looks
  • Top quality garment
  • Full mantle, covers the shoulders
  • Fully lined garment
  • Decorative hem stitch

  • Sizing:
  • Small/Medium: Fits up to a 22 Inch Neck
  • Large/X-Large: Fits up to a 25.5 Inch Neck