Exclusive Cape

Epic Armoury

$ 62.00 

Type: Clothing

Tags: Capes and Cloaks, Clothing, Cosplay, Epic Armoury, Womens',

This embroidered exclusive cape is action length with hood and is comfortable to wear and has a contrasting color liner that is somewhat shorter creating a layered effect. This elvish cape is a wonderful addition to any costume and the exclusive cotton cape keeps you warm during those cool nights or to give a dramatic entrance as a high elf.


Epic Armory clothing is made mainly from natural fibers, with support from man-made materials. When you purchase a new piece of clothing, always wash your cotton separate for the first time, and thereafter with similar colors and always in cold water. On the first wash add a handful of salt to the wash to help seize the color, this will help reduce fading. Wool can only be hand washed in lukewarm water and use special wool wash soap.