Azog Robes

Epic Armoury

$ 84.00 

Type: Clothing

Tags: Clothing, Epic Armoury, Robe,

Epic armory's Azog Robes work as an outstanding outer layer while roleplaying as an Orc. The distressed edges of the long sleeves and the bottom edge are evidence of a long journey. The roomy hood and ankle-length of the medieval garment provide security from the wind, rain, or sun. A cotton tie-string offers closure at the neckline. It is designed in a classic cut, and these fantasy robes can easily be adapted for different characters.

Key Features

Features a hooded robe with long sleeves
A distressed, ragged pattern accents the hem
Secured at the neck via a cotton tie-string
Perfect for LARP and other roleplay events



Length: 44 Inch
Height: 15.7 Inch
Depth: 15.7
Chest: 41 Inch
Sleeve: 20.5 Inch


Length: 49.6 Inch
Height: 17.3 Inch
Depth: 17.3 Inch
Chest: 44.8 Inch
Sleeve: 25.2 Inch


Length: 52.8 Inch
Height: 17.3 Inch
Depth: 17.3 Inch
Chest: 49.6 Inch
Sleeve: 27.6 Inch