Braies Medieval Trousers

Epic Armoury

$ 24.00 

Type: Clothing

Tags: Clothing, Epic Armoury, Pants,

The build of your characters look can begin with an accent and finish with a pair of Braies Medieval Trousers. Now you can embrace the middle ages in a comfortable and breathable pair of period accurate shorts. This garment is 100% cotton and modeled after the types of trousers that were worn underneath other articles of clothing. The simple design ensures a realistic experience for those who love the middle ages. A drawstring is used to adjust the waist and then leg lacing can customize the length of the legs. Enjoy the comfort of these Braies Medieval Trousers, which are ideal for role playing and LARPing.

Key Features:
  • Inspired by middle age trousers
  • Crafted from 100% cotton
  • Features adjustable legs and waist
  • Comfortable and period accurate
  • Great for role playing and LARPing

  • Sizing:
  • Small: 29 to 31 Inch waist
  • Medium: 32 to 35 Inch waist
  • Large: 35 to 38 Inch waist
  • X-Large: 38 to 42 Inch waist