Double Headed Battle Axe

Epic Armoury

$ 103.00 

Type: Axes and Hammers

Tags: Axe, Epic Armoury, Latex,

What is the most reliable way to increase the performance of an axe? Add a second blade! It is a stable and robust hand axe constructed of quality materials that function as a survival tool and a battle weapon. This smooth hand axe features a simple design that includes a double bit design and a complete metal haft. If you plan to utilize it as a weapon, you can rest assured that the Double-Headed Battle Axe will give a stellar performance.

Key Features

Simple but Strong Combat Axe
Features a durable, Razor-Sharp edge
Strong yet eye-catching hardwood grip
Includes a flexible leather sheath


Length: 13.4 Inches
Axe Head Length: 7 Inches
Thickness: 0.25 Inch