LARP Dane Axe

Epic Armoury

$ 110.00 

Type: Axes and Hammers

Tags: Axe, Epic Armoury, Latex,

It is a classic reproduction of an epic Danish axe, recreated in battle-safe stuff. What separates a Dane axe from other axes is that the Dane axe features a small, narrow bit and head-mounted on a long shaft, making it superbly created for healthy, cutting blows. It is constructed from long-lasting foam that doesn't shred and is sealed with a robust coating of latex.

Key Features

Made from durable closed-cell foam, coated with latex for durability
Manufactured from durable closed cell foam that doesn't destroy
Features a round, flexible fiberglass core


Overall Length: 59 Inches
Axe Head Length: 8.7 Inches
Axe Head Height: 7.9 Inches