LARP Barmace

Epic Armoury

$ 53.00 

Type: Axes and Hammers

Tags: Epic Armoury, Latex, Mace,

It has remained a common choice among enthusiasts. Just like the real deal, this LARP safe weapon consists of two steel-grey colored crossbars that form a unique looking mace that you can utilize to bludgeon and beat your foes into submission. The handle has a ring pommel for safe storage and suede wrapping for convenient holding. It is made from very long-lasting foam that doesn't destroy, which has been sealed within a durable coating of latex. As security is always a matter in LARP, this weapon also features a round, flexible fiberglass core that bends and flexes.

Key Features

High-quality latex-hybrid weapon for a low-cost price
High guard rating
Constructed from durable closed cell foam that doesn't shred
Features a round, flexible fiberglass core


Length: 26 Inches
Tip Width: 2.25 Inches
Hilt Length: 6 Inches