Green Orc Brow

Epic Armoury

$ 16.00 

Type: Special Effects

Tags: Epic Armoury, Latex, Prosthetic, Special Effect,

Recreating the inhuman and bestial features of a fantasy race can be a difficult feat to achieve, or at least it can be. With this Green Orc Brow in your bag of tricks though, recreating the look of the orcish race is not nearly as difficult! The prosthetic is made entirely from quality latex and offers a green brow that helps to create a more distinctive and unique look befitting the more monstrous look that usually accompanies the term Orc. It is a perfect touch to any classic fantasy costume, and for those who want to transform themselves into orcish warriors without wearing full face masks, this Green Orc Brow (with some matched green face paint and war paint patterns) is the perfect way to become the Orc that lies just within.

Key Features:
  • Inspired by the facial details of the fantasy Orc race
  • Crafted entirely in high quality latex
  • Comes pre-painted with a natural green tone
  • Perfect for general costuming and LARPing events