Epic Effect Orc Nose Prosthetic

Epic Armoury

$ 14.00 

Type: Special Effects

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Orcs might appear human, but it's the little details that really set them apart. That means that while green skin (or whatever color skin your orcs have) will go a long way, this Epic Effects Orc Nose Prosthetic will really help the transformation along. The orc nose has subtle human features, although its shape is a bit more defined and a bit larger, with noticeable ridges and shaping that give it the inhuman look that suits an orc just perfectly. This prosthetic is crafted from quality latex and is pre-colored so that it blends will with typical green orc skin. This prosthetic is designed to be applied using our Epic Effect Mastix Spirit Gum (MCI-2273), which will adhere the prosthetic to your skin with little to no problem, and it can be removed using our Epic Effect Spirit Gum Remover (MCI-2274) with equal ease. These are high-quality prosthetics that have an impressive and realistic look, and are designed to be used multiple times. Please note that the prosthetic does not include mastix spirit gum or spirit gum remover. For the best result, clean the area with spirit gum remover, then apply the prosthetic and blend it with an appropriate shade of our Epic Effect Water-Based Make Up. Transforming yourself into an orc is no small task, but thanks to this Epic Effect Orc Nose Prosthetic, you don't have to be a special effects professional or make-up artist to make it look great, because this nose has the look of a professional effect that goes on with remarkable ease.

Sorry, but there are no returns or exchanges on opened prosthetics.

Key Features:
  • A Must-Have Accessory for Any Orc, Goblin, or Bestial Human
  • Made from High Quality Latex
  • Pre-Colored a Dark Green Color
  • Includes Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Requires Mastix Spirit Gum for Application
  • A Great Way to Complete your Character