Epic Effect Small Elven Ears Prosthetic

Epic Armoury

$ 13.00 

Type: Special Effects

Tags: Epic Armoury, Prosthetic, Special Effect,

It is a bit smaller than usual, making them ideal for the more youthful crowd, while their abnormal shape makes them pretty distinctive. The typical elf ear is formed and swept up into a defined point, while these ears sweep straight back, angling the ends slightly. These prosthetic ears fit to the outer ear. Their natural flesh tone naturally combines with various skin-tones and goes well with our Epic Effect Water-Based Make-Ups. It is crafted from natural latex, and their graphic details are awe-inspiring.

Key Features

Constructed from High-Quality Latex
Pre-Colored a Natural Flesh Tone
Requires Mastix Spirit Gum for Application
Ideal Way to Complete your Character


Height: 1.57 Inches
Width: 1.37 Inches
Length: 2.75 Inches