ConQuest Warcrafted Armour

Epic Armoury

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Type: Armor

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This is the Official Conquest Warcrafted Armor. Conquest is the biggest LARP gathering in Europe. This armour features a unique fantasy style, it has been dubbed the 'Angel of Death' armour. When your opponents see you coming at them in this armour, they'll know their time is over... The pauldrons look like Angel Wings from the back and also feature sword breakers. The front of the armour is intricately cut and detailed like none other. This armour comes with all pieces shown except the the white hooded under tunic, chainmail and shoes. All pieces included are: Breastplate, Backplate, Set of Pauldrons (Shoulders), Leg Armor and Arm Bracers. The armor is crafted from 18 gauge steel that features a unique galvanised process which gives an aged look to the steel, but also makes it more durable that regular polished steel. All pieces attach by strap and buckle for a secure fit. This is a special edition and the quantities are very limited.

Key Features:
  • Official Warcrafted armour of ConQuest in Europe
  • 18 Gauge Epic Steel
  • Includes Cuirass, Pauldrons, Greaves and Bracers
  • Possibly the coolest set of steel armour on the market!!

  • Armor Measurements:
  • Suggested Chest Size for Curiass: 46 to 56 Inches **Keep in mind, if you are wearing a Gambeson or Chainmail to take your measurement while you have your gear on.
  • Actual Measurements of Breastplate: 24 Inches Across Chest, 22 Inches Across Waist, 18 Inches Long from Center of Neck line to Bottom of Armor
  • Actual Measurements of Backplate: 26 Inches Across the Chest, 24 Inches Across the Waist, 19 Inches from the Center of the Neck line to the Bottom of Armor
  • Actual Measurements of Pauldrons: 23 Inches from the front of the shoulder to the back of the shoulder, 16 Inches long from the top of the shoulder down the arm towards the elbow, Swordbreakers are 3 inches tall
  • Actual Measurements of Greaves with Knee Protection: Overall Length is 18.25 Inches, Greave Length is 11.75 inches long, Knee is 6.5 inches long, Width of the Knee is 12.5 Inches, Width of the Calf Area is 11.5 Inches and Width of the Ankle Area is 8.5 Inches
  • Actual Measurements of Arm Bracers with Elbow Protection: Overall Length is 14 Inches, Forearm is 8 Inches Across, Wrist is 6 Inches Across