Agrippa Larp Rapier


$ 194.00 

Type: Sword

Tags: Calimacil, Non Latex, Rapier, Sword, Sword - Short,

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The Agrippa III Rapier is a great sword for Renaissance enthusiasts who wish to hone their fencing skills or for those who wish to emulate the rapier-wielding nobles of old. This weapon features a flexible rod while preserving rigidity in the edges and tip, allowing users to thrust and slash as well as parry. The hilt of this sword has also been redesigned, now boasting a fancier basket hilt which offers flexibility while guarding the user’s fingers.


A typical civilian weapon of the Renaissance, this rapier screams for the deft hands of a taunting duelist whose silvered tongue is as sharp as her blade. Musketeers, pirates and elven nobles will want to arm themselves with one to vanquish their adversaries with its superior speed and agility.


This rapier, the first one manufactured by Calimacil, was designed with a special rod that grants great flexibility to the flat side of the blade while retaining a certain rigidity on the edges and tip. This allows safe thrusting and slashing attacks as well as parries.
This original, innovative design for a thrusting weapon will revolutionize Live Action Role Playing, fencing practice and stage fighting.
  • Weight (g): 587
  • Total Length (cm): 108
  • Blade Length (cm): 82
  • Blade Thickness (cm): 2.5
  • Blade color: Steel
  • Blade Type: Rapier
  • Handle length (cm): 26
  • Grip length (cm): 11
  • Cross guard width (cm): 19
  • Material: Fiberglass, Calimacil Foam

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