Blood Elven Hunter LARP Blade – 75cm

Epic Armoury

$ 90.99 

Type: Sword

Tags: Stronghold, Sword,

Stronghold LARP Construction:
Stronghold weapons are designed for tough LARP combat and have a unique Epic Foam construction that does not contain latex and requires little to no upkeep. They weigh the same as latex weapons, have cushioned edges, and are stab-proof. This therefore makes them safe for LARP battle. In addition, the hilts are made of polyurethane foam for high detail and practically maintenance-free durability.

The Blood Elven Hunter LARP Blade is approximately 29.5 inches in overall length. This measurement will vary as each LARP sword is handmade.

Key Features:
A quality Epic Foam weapon for an affordable price
Realistic look enhances every roleplay experience
A durable and sturdy weapon for LARP and roleplay
High safety rating
Cast hilt shows off an extreme level of detail
Grip provides a good hold and is extremely durable

Made from shred resistant Epic Foam with a polyurethane cast hilt