Doran Back System


$ 40.99 

Type: Accessory

Tags: Leather, Mytholon, Scabbard,

Available for pre-order

The Doran back system is built up of two shoulderstraps, that are connected with a ring on the breast and can be closed laterally. On the uper side they have got several loops and a buckle that can be used to attach various scabbards. Additionally they are fixed with a strap in the middle of the back.

You can decide weather you like to carry one or two scabbards on the back, both is possible with all types of scabbards from our Doran and Felawen series. Aside from that you can attach our chic sheathes for throwing daggers at the front. This looks especially appealing on venturesome characters.

This does not include scabbards, it is just the harness system

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