Edward Torso Armour Blank


$ 609.99 

Type: Armour

Tags: Armour, Chest Armor - Metal, Mytholon,

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This set contains the browned version of the "Edward" armours torso (front and back plate).

We offer this remake of an already exsisting torso armour fron Hammerkunst. As this company runs out of business, we decided to have some of the most wanted armours redone in small numbers.
The making and shape is something really special, as the fabrication is done mostly by hand. The premium fabrication will be noticed.
The ideal circumfence is 126cm on the belly (please measure with gambeson) - the plate mail can be extended (by using the leather straps) to a maximum of 144cm.
The length of this armour is 74cm.

Material: 1,2mm steel

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