Eventide Greatsword


$ 180.00 

Type: Unknown Type

As he moved, his heavy armour made barely a noise, but to the dark elves, he might as well have been shouting, "COME AND FACE ME". Other weapon masters used light blades and armour, but he preferred something heavier for offence and defence. As he neared the front lines where the enemy House had attacked, he drew his greatsword, the blade rasping like an angry snake as it left the sheath. A grim smile crossed his face. Near him, the soldiers of his House moved back. The weapon master was in his element.”

The elegant elves of the sunless lands inspired Epic Armoury's Eventide Greatsword. It is an elegant but vicious weapon that those who can control its massive 150 cm can use to carve apart their enemies. A 28 cm hilt (not including the pincer-like pommel) gives great control with the balance sitting just above the extended crossguard. It comprises a durable closed-cell foam formed around a fibreglass core with a strong latex coating. With this, you can feel confident that your weapon is safe and visually appealing.