Heavy Cotton Peasant Dress


$ 45.99 

Type: Clothing

Tags: Mytholon,

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Notable Features:

  • Ankle length sleeveless dress inspired by medieval styles
  • Adjustable lacing on front of fitted bodice
  • Lacing extends from V-neck to just past start of wide pleated skirt
  • Adjustable cotton ribbon at back for comfortable and flattering fit
  • Great for historic reenactment and LARP


  • Made of heavyweight cotton with matching cotton cord lacing

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash with like colors at a mild temperature and tumble dry on low heat. Iron on a medium heat level as needed.


  • Small: 53.5 Inch Length, 35.4 Inch Chest, 28.3 Inch Untied Waist, 66.9 Inch Bottom Width
  • Medium: 55.1 Inch Length, 39.4 Inch Chest, 32.3 Inch Untied Waist, 74.8 Inch Bottom Width
  • Large: 56.3 Inch Length, 43.3 Inch Chest, 36.2 Inch Untied Waist, 82.7 Inch Bottom Width
  • X-Large: 57.9 Inch Length, 48 Inch Chest, 44.1 Inch Untied Waist, 90.6 Inch Bottom Width

Measurements are approximate.

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