Japanese Katana

Ateliers Nemesis

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Type: Sword

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The katana is a Japanese thrusting sword whose cutting edge is also used. It is a lethal weapon but also a work of art representing the soul of the samurai who wears it. This latex weapon will be the centerpiece of a Japanese-inspired character and will command respect whether you're a proud samurai or a fallen Ronin


As the last snow fell to the ground, our warrior took a deep breath. His meditation had once again been filled with dark thoughts and he hadn't been able to find peace… yet. He released a long sigh and watched the steam escape from his body in contact with the cold. As the village woke up, he too, would get to work. He hadn't always been welcomed, let alone considered a samurai. But he had known, with time and devotion, to prove his worth. Slowly unfolding his legs from his seiza, he took his Japanese katana that he had placed in front of him and put it back in its sheath. It was with astonishment that he had learned on his arrival that the word Samurai means "one who serves" and although he had long been their prisoner of war, living among such different people had taught him more than through his twenty years in service to the king. Treated at first as an inconvenient guest, however, he had never received so much hatred and contempt as in his former life. His katana grew heavier for a breath… His old life. The warrior smiled slightly and shrugged, as if to convince himself that he was no longer attached to that past. He was now a Samurai, devoted to the perfection of his art and perhaps, one day, he would even find his peace.


As with all of our Athena products, this model includes:


- A soft and robust reinforced point designed for the estoc;

- A solid structure ready to parry

- A counterweight in the handle for unparalleled maneuverability;

- A 2 year warranty 

- LATEX-FREE and waterproof varnish


Total length: 44”

Blade length: 31.5”

Blade width: 1.8”

Handle length: 11.4”

Guard width: 3.5”

Thickness of the blade: 1”

Point of balance: 3.9”
Weight: 555 gr


Safe foam fake weapon designed for LARP combat, cosplay, theater and film.

Product may differ slightly from the selected image.

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