Jian Short Larp Sword

Epic Armoury

$ 116.99 

Type: Sword

Tags: Epic Armoury, Hybrid, Latex, Sword, Sword - Short,

Jian Short LARP sword


A useful and sturdy weapon for LARP play
Can enhance any roleplay experience because of its realistic appearance
An extremely durable war weapon with a great hold
Cast hilt manufactured with an intense level of details


Overall Length: 29.5 Inches
Measurements can vary as there are both machined and handmade components to these products..

Our LARP products are for recreational use only and are not weapons. They are designed for Live Action Role Playing (LARP) and similar activities. Any use of our products for violent or illegal purposes is strictly prohibited. By using our products, you agree to use them responsibly and release us from any liability for misuse.