Lena Armour Belt


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Type: Armour

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Our "Lena" armour series was especially designed for warrior princesses and shield maidens alike. We distanced from historical patterns and steped closer to a rather fantastic shape. The outcome was a not only a long awaited womens armour, but also a costume set of in the form of a worthy armour set. Be it an Amazone, a warrior princess or an exalted priestess - all of them are possible by combining the armour with the right clothing pieces...
Only your imagination limits the possibilities. For all you ladies out there: this is the right armour, not only on LARP events.

The "Lena" series belt is elaboratly made: it is worn on the hip and is closed with a single buckle in the back. Two segments make up this belt basically, which is fitting by its swung lines. The attached tassets are made from two pieces each and riveted to a leather strap, which is attached to the belt with rivets as well. All rivets are made from brass and complement the silvery shine of the blank armour additionally. The central shield is movable, holding the side parts of the belt, and covers the lower abdomen.
All points are beaded to avoid injuries when wearing it.

Material: 1.2mm steel
Circumference: from 70cm to 90cm

Annotation: By enlongening the belt strap you can enlarge not only the length alone: bent the metal parts slowly and carefully to achieve a bigger circumference.

Length of the tassets: app. 25cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Colour: blank

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