Norrick Shortsword


$ 31.99 

Type: Sword

Tags: Mytholon, Sword,

The "Norrick" short sword of the "Battle Standard" series is designed as a classic short squire's sword. The plain guard as well as the pommel are kept simple, which is why this sword can be used by most character classes. The blade has a fuller and smoothly tapers out towards the tip. "Norrick" is a perfect secondary weapon and can be used by younger fighters as well.

Material: GRP, foam, leather
Total length: 71 cm
Blade length: 53 cm
Guard width: 16 cm

Please note: Battle Standard products may have a hole on the flat of the blade near the point. This hole is created during production, a technical necessity in order to stabilize the core rod while the weapon is filled with foam. Moreover, further small holes may be present on the surface in other places. These holes are not to be understood as flaws and do not affect the foam weapon’s safety.