Osric Brigandine Leather Armour


$ 176.00 

Type: Armor

Tags: Armor - Leather, Chest, Mytholon,

The "Osric" leather armour is developed from our favored classic, the "Justus" suede tabard. The suede was reinforced with ~3mm strong upper leather plates, which makes "Osric" not only very light and flexible, but adds great protection. It can be adjusted to the wearer by lacings on both sides, while it is closed by rims & buckles in the front. Thereby it can be qucikly put on or off in an "emergency".




  • Small: Chest - 34.4 Inches, Waist - 30.7 Inches, Hip - 37 Inches
  • Medium/Large: Chest - 38.6-41.3 Inches, Waist - 33.9-37.4 Inches, Hip - 40.2-43.3 Inches
  • X-Large/XX-Large: Chest - 44.9-48 Inches, Waist - 41.3-45.7 Inches, Hip - 46.5-50 Inches